Artwork by Nancy VanReece

Pojoaque Pueblo

Prayers of thanksgiving are embodied in the chants sung by the chorus that accompany the Buffalo Dance, a dance that Northern New Mexico Pueblos have performed for centuries.

Watercolor and Ink

 Limited quanities of this watercolor have been printed and  are ready for  8x10 framing.

Watch the Buffalo Dance

The rhythm of gratitude: Pueblo celebrates Three Kings Day with  Buffalo Dance

Christmas in New Mexico means Buffalo Dances

Performed as part of Three Kings Day, a religious tradition, representing the Three Kings' visit to baby Jesus in Bethlehem. Along with the opening of presents, many families celebrate the day with an oval-shaped pastry called rosca de reyes and hot chocolate.

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Each numbered print is finely crafted on watercolor paper and inspected at the artist's studio for quality prior to shipment.  

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